Booty is a lightweight container that can be used under hammocks. Instead of placing your bag on the ground or tying it to a tree, why not have it right under you in another hammock? Thanks to the waterproof silpoly material, it does not get wet even by splashing mud, mist or haze.
A rubber cord sewed in the side prevents the equipment placed inside the container from rolling out.
Plastic carabiners help you fix the product to the ends of the hammock, and you can easily adjust height using a cord strengthener.

When using an underquilt with your hammock, cautiously tie the container, so the cord does not press the fill of the quilt.


  • light, with only 60g net weight
  • you can always have your equipment safely near you
  • easy-to-tie
  • stuff placed inside don’t roll out of the container


Material: 20D silpoly
Weight: 90g

Price: 22 EURO