I'm often chilly

    I toss and turn a lot at night

    I usually sleep on my stomach

    Temperature rating

    Outer shell (DWR RIPSTOP NYLON)

    Inner shell (DWR RIPSTOP NYLON)


    If the basic quilt is out of stock or the basic size isn’t suitable for you, you can place a custom order.

    The advantages of a custom order:

    • tailored to your size 
    • adapted to your sleeping habits
    • taking into account your tolerance to the cold
    • you can request it with a specific color scheme

     When ordering a custom quilt, the lead time can be 6-8 weeks.

    Please fill out the form: if you have any special requests or wishes, do include them in the comments section.



    Climashield Apex Topquilt (C.A.Q.) is a high-performance synthetic blanket with a closed footbox.

    Thanks to the materials used, the product is ultralight and packs down small.

    It can be attached to a sleeping pad/mat using the flat buckles on the sides and the elastic strap. Thanks to this and EBR(ETS), it can be used safely both on the ground and in a hammock. On the ground, it should only be used together with a properly insulated sleeping pad/mat, or while in a hammock with an underquilt.

    FRAME: We use ultralight 10D DWR ripstop nylon for the frame of Apex topquilts.

    These materials are top notch and play an important role in the product’s effectiveness.



    The C.A. is a high-quality insulating layer. It has the best combination of weight and thermal performance on the market. It packs well and maintains its unique insulating ability even when wet. More information is available on the manufacturer’s website HERE

    The quilts are available with the following temperature rating:

    APEX 67: 11 °C temperature rating (~390 g)

    APEX 100: 8 °C temperature rating (~470 g)

    APEX 133: 5 °C temperatur rating (~550 g)

    APEX 167: 2 °C temperature rating (~630 g)

    APEX 200: -1 °C temperature rating (~710 g)


    The temperature rating is the value between the traditionally/commonly used comfort and limit rating. With the right baselayer, it provides satisfactory insulation for most people. If you are a cold sleeper, you should choose a quilt with one level higher higher insulation value, because the insulation on the lower side is always the most sensitive and critical part of our system.

    Elastic tensioner system (ETS): Along the edges of the quilt’s torso part there is an elastic cord system. It runs on a thin elastic cord and can be fine-tuned with a small clip. With its use, we can pull in the edges of our quilt and achieve better thermal insulation, and higher comfort on colder nights. This way even when we move and turn around on the sleeping mat/pad, the system blocks the drafts.


    – Ultralight

    – Takes up little space and packs down well

    – Good insulating ability

    – At least 30% lighter than a sleeping bag with the same performance/ratings

    – Thanks to the CA filling, it insulates well even in wet and humid conditions

    – Easier and more comfortable to use than a sleeping bag

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