Due to their way of usage, our products are sometimes subject to extreme conditions. This kind of strain establishes the need of the highest quality regarding the used materials. Besides constant development, I am searching for materials of the finest quality to use.


Owing to the new LITE SKIN fabric, new dimensions are unveiling in the fields of bags and container/storage bags.
A combination of non-woven polyester and pigmented polyester resin that results in a unique marble-like surface
with good water and dirt resistance
This type of LS07 is lightweight and flexible at the same time thanks to the 70D ripstop – that makes it an excellent choice for the material of ultralight bags and storage cases.

X-PAC™ X21

The X-Pac™ X21 is a lasting laminated material with great tensile strength and enhanced resistance to abrasion – despite its light weight.
Its slightly rigid nature makes this material perfect for making bags and storage cases and so much more.
Composed of 210D nylon + polyester X-PLY® + 0.5 mil PET film
Waster resistency: over 5000mm

Dyneema®/Nylon 210den, 160g/nm

160g/nm Nylon strengthened by Dyneema strains that make this nylon extremely durable and tear resistant. Water resistant due to an additional PU layer.


DCF is made special by the ultra durable ®Dyneema cuben fibers. Dyneema combines extremely high tensile strength with ultralight weight.
An applied polyester layer makes each side of a standard DCF material water resistant. Apart from that, they are resistant to UV radiation and chemicals.

DYNEEMA is known as the world’s strongest and at the same time lightest fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel.
Due to its hydrophobic nature, it floats on the water without absorbing it.
Utilization methods are extensive, where longevity, reliablility and performance are primary aspects.

High tensile-strength polyester, raw material of Khibu Tarps and storage bags.


Ultra lightweigt nylon with remarkably high tensile-strength that is soft to touch – that’s why it is both perfect for

Ultralight nylon with a surface softer to touch than polyester, that is why it is perfect for Under- and TopQuilts as well. Due to calandered it is downproof and windproof, breathable and water-repellent thanks to the DWR coating. Frames of Magma Quilts are made out of this material.

Noseeum is a light, still durable, micro-spun net, which gives you excellent protection in the woods. Made with tight weaving and irregular patterns, Noseeum provides protection from even the tiniest pest. It is a raw material used for NIRVANA hammocks.

Light yet durable, densely-spun nylon. Water-repellent and breathable in one, so it can be used for making hammocks. One of the raw materials of NIRVANA hammocks with 160 kg strength.

Highly lightweight ripstop nylon, yet with densely netted structure. Due to calandered it is downproof and windproof, breathable and water-repellent thanks to the DWR coating. Frames of Magma Quilts are made out of this material.

A cord characterized by high tensile strength and a great resistance to abrasion, with negligible stretch.
Endures all chemical effects, almost indestructible, also that is why it is hard to cut.
A perfect choice using it for example as ridge of a tarp or a hammock, as that way we can get a tight base with no stretch. Besides, it can also be used for every activity where longevity and reliability is a significant factor.
Coating: 100% para-aramid dtex 1670
Inner: 100% Aramid (kevlar)
Tensile strength with regard to examined sample:
F>=4800 N (480 Kg)

Insulates by absorbing the air, it keeps us a warm body temperature.
Classified according to fill power, which is dependent upon the size of down and its fibers, as well as their ripeness. The thicker the down, the more flexible, thus creating a better insulating layer by occupying more space. Fill power is measured by CUIN (cubic inch/oz) that shows how many cubic inches of space one oz of down occupies. Down measured under laboratory conditions can have fill power from 300 up to 850+ CUIN. Every single KHIBU Quilt is manufactured with the use of down fill, providing maximum protection against cold temperature.