KHIBU NIRVANA is a large sized hammock, being the best choice for hammock trips and adventures lasting several days.

Utilizing the great size of the hammock, both ends are connected by a ridgeline, which provides a constant curve. Since we lie diagonally in the hammock, it ensures an almost completely horizontal support to the spine. On a surface which is only feasible with big-sized products, relaxation is guaranteed.

Owing to the conscious choice of raw materials, this hammock is lightweight, well-packable and sturdy.

The symmetric upper makes it possible to lie in any direction in it, and the two-sided zip system allows us to get in the hammock from both sides.

Thanks to the strapped suspension method setting up the hammock is super easy. It can be fixated according to our preferences using four clasps on the side.





– 330×150

– 40D impregnated, breathable ripstop nylon

– Integrated ridgeline made of aramid (kevlar) cord

– Rubber cord with plastic tensioner for fixation of the hammock (2 pcs)

– One side opening, one side fixed (BISHOP BAG) container

– Ridgeline organizer

– Prusik knot on the ridgeline for additional containers (2 pcs)

– Dyneema loops on both ends with  10KN strap buckles



– Strap (2x3m)

Maximum weight capacity: 130kg



Summer: fully zipped upper made of Noseeum micro-spinned mesh

In case we do not need the mesh, we can leave it at home, thus saving extra weight and space.

Due to the symmetric shape, it is possible to lie in it in any direction.

– Hammock: 490g
– Uppere (Mesh): 145g
– Suspension: 120g
– Altogether: 755g


easy and fast setup

we get the same comfortable surface each time

Suspended correctly, it does not have any negative effect on the environment


The shipping cost is: 17 EURO (to 2kg in Europe)