Magma Topquilt


A topquilt is not other than an ultralight version of a sleeping bag. Practiacally it is a blanket with a closed footbag. Every part is missing that the product can still be safely used without. It means a great advantage during backpacking, where the weight and size of the pack really counts. Using with hammocks there is no solution more comfortable or more practical. The main difference from a sleeping bag is the cut back part and the lack of a hood.
Sleeping on the ground, on the areas our bodies are contacted with the ground,  we press te fill of tha sleeping bag thus insulation is supressed. Topquilts lack this part, as it would mean useless extra weight due to the underutilisation of the fill.
Instead of a hood a draft collar and a rubber cord helps isolating the blanket around the neck thus preventing heat loss.
We can protect ourselves from the cold using beanies, scarves and balaklava.
Altogether this product is up to 30% lighter than a sleeping bag with the same specifications.
Using it with sleeping pad,  we can fix it with the help of rubber cords and buckle, and we can still comfortably turn around under it.

KHIBU MAGMA TOPQUILT is a down-filled blanket with a closed end that ensures proper insulation in every season.
Comfort and isolation level of the product depends on the  fill power and quantity of down. Materials used for frame are made of premium quality ripstop nylon that is wind- and waterproof yet breathable; thanks to the used raw materials and the filling, the product is ultralight, safe and well-packable.
The horizontal baffle box arrangement of cells and the fully closed end without cold spots maximizes thermal insulation. The top cell is filled with extra amount of down, thus functioning as a draft collar.
In order to minimize temperature loss, the part around the neck can be closed with a button and a rubber cord.
It can easily be attached to a dersleeping pad using the flat clasps found on the side of the quilt and attached rubber strap so it can be safely used down on the ground and in also in a hammock.


Materials used for the frame are ultra lightweight, anti-tear 20D or 10D nylon. calandered  on the inside makes the material down- and windproof, maintaining proper air flow.Water repellent,  thanks to the DWR finished layer. Between the outer and inner material, 7 cm long mesh bars are responsible for proper insulation without cold spots also giving an extraordinary look to the quilt.


Magma Topquilts are filled with premium quailty 100% goose down.
Quilts can be made of down with 750 CUIN and 850 CUIN fill power.
In case of individual claims please contact us.


  • lightweight
  • requires small space
  • excellent insulation
  • using in a hammock, more comfortable than a sleeping bag
Size: 190×140/100
Outer shell: 10D ripstop nylon DWR finisd
Inner shell: 10D nylon DWR finisd
Filling: 100% goose down
Fill power: 750 CUIN
Weight of filling: 400g
Full weight: 650g
Comfort limit: -5 C°
1 pcs sack
1 pcs decompression bag

It is possible to change the quantity and quality of the filling.
In case of non-average height please contact us so we can determine the proper size.
Contact us for an custom order.



The shipping cost is: 17 EURO (to 2kg in Europe