Magma Underquilt


Sleeping in a hammock in the winter period is not entirely different from sleeping on the ground. we have to make sure of proper insulation. We should use sleeping pad on the ground because we press the fill of the sleeping bag when in contact with the bare ground, this insulation ceases. In case of hammocks, we also press the fill from below the sides here and there. In order to provide adequate protection on these areas, it is essential to insulate the hammock. Underquilts go under hammocks, this way we cannot press the fill inside, giving us maximum protection even in the frostiest winter nights.

KHIBU MAGMA UNDERQUILT is an isolating layer filled with down to use under hammocks, a must-have accessory for hammock trips in all seasons.
Indubitably the best way of hammock insulation due to the versatility of the down fill (light weight, good insulation, small package size).
Comfort and isolation level of the product depends on the  fill power and quantity of down. Materials used for the frame are made of premium quality ripstop nylon that is wind- and waterproof yet breathable; thanks to the used raw materials and the filling, the product is ultralight, safe and well-packable.
Uniquely patterned baffle box arrangement of cells allows the down filling to stay in the right place.
A shock cord hanging utility lined up on the side keeps the edge of the quilt close to the body, thus preventing temperature loss.


Materials used for the frame are ultra lightweight, anti-tear 20D or 10D nylon. calandered on the inside makes the material down- and windproof, maintaining proper air flow. Water repellent,  thanks to the DWR finished. Between the outer and inner material, 7 cm long mesh bars are responsible for proper insulation without cold spots also giving an extraordinary look to the quilt.


  • lightweight
  • requires small space
  • excellent insulation
  • dries fast and breathable

Besides providing adequate safety, it is easy to install and it is way comfier than a sleeping pad.



Size: 190×140/100
Outer shell: 20D ripstop nylon DWR finisd
Inner shell: 20D nylon
Filling: 100% goose down
Fill power: 750 CUIN
Weight of filling: 400g
Full weight: 700g
Comfort: 0 C°
Comfort limit: -3 C°
1 pcs sack
1 pcs decompression bag


It is possible to change the quantity and quality of the filling.
Contact us for an custom order.



The shipping cost is: 17 EURO (to 2kg in Europe)