Magma Underquilt




Sleeping in a hammock in the winter period is not much different from sleeping on the ground. In this case, we also need to ensure proper insulation. We use a sleeping pad on the ground because, when in contact with the bare ground, we press the fill of the sleeping bag thus insulation ceases. In case of hammocks, we also press the fill from below and from the sides here and there. In order to provide adequate protection, it is essential to insulate the hammock on these areas. The underquilt goes under the hammock, this way we cannot press the fill inside, thus it provides us maximum protection even during the frostiest winter nights.

KHIBU MAGMA UNDERQUILT is an insulating layer filled with down for use under hammocks.
Indubitably the best form of hammock insulation due to the versatility of the down fill (light weight, good insulation, small package size).
10 pcs uniquely tailored baffle box chambers allow maximum insulation of the down filling.
The height of this part filled with down (LOFT) determines the comfort level of the quilt.
A shock cord hanging utility lined up on the side keeps the edge of the quilt close to the body, thus preventing temperature loss. On both ends of the underquilt huge draft collar s are responsible for proper insulation. Of course, we can close both ends with rubber cords here as well. The underquilt can be installed one way only, having dedicated parts for the head and feet. With the help of carabiners it can be easily fastened under our hammock and properly adjusted with cord strengtheners.

The Magma underquilt has a unique defined shape. The part near the head is wider, and is slightly narrowed down towards the feet, therefore it is important to install it in the right direction. This unique shape helps the efficiency of the insulation. During the making of cells we use such techniques as baffles and differential cut.

Baffles: Outer and inner material is not sewn on the sides of the cells, instead, they are connected by a baffle line with a set width.This technique prevents the formation of thermal bridges  where insulation might cease.
Differential cut: Apart from baffles, we can help the dawn fill space by providing more space. We can achieve this by tailoring the outer material larger than the inner, this way the filled area (LOFT) won’t be pressed even under the impact of stretch.

The sizes of the BASIC Magma underquilt (200×120/100) are given. This size can be used up to 185-190 cm body height. Custom size orders are possible, since we have different physical characteristics, and by customizing the size we can make quilts much lighter and effective.

SHELL: Materials used for the frame are ultra lightweight, anti-tear 10D RIPSTOP nylon.
Calandered on the inside, the material is down- and windproof, while maintaining proper air flow. Water repellent material, thanks to the DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

DOWN FILL: Magma underquilts are filled with premium quality  goose down. Quilts are made with 750CUIN and 850CUIN fill power down. CUIN (cubic inch/oz) shows how many cubic inches of space one oz of down occupies. The larger the number, the less down we need to reach the same values.


– lightweight

– takes up small space

– excellent insulation

-Besides providing adequate safety, it is easy to install and way comfier than a sleeping pad.


sizes: 200×120/100
outer shell: 10D ripstop nylon DWR finish
inner shell: 10D nylon DWR finish
fill:  Goosedown
fill power: 750 CUIN
fill weight: 450g
total weight: 700g
comfort rating: -3
1 pc stuff sack
1 pc storage bag
price: 212 euro

Contact us with orders and custom demands.

The warmth of a quilt depends on several factors (design and form of cells, fill power, etc.), but can easily be defined by ‘LOFT’, the height of the fill inside the cell. Still, these are approximate values, since everyone has different metabolism. So, it is not carved in stone that the EN13537 standard is also a guideline.

Comfort limits of quilts made by us:

COMFORT RATE/ LOFT 0℃/ 50mm -3℃/ 70mm -8℃/ 80mm -15℃/ 110mm
FILL POWER (CUIN) 750 850 750 850 750 850 750 850
FILL WEIGHT (g) 350 200 450 350 650 450 800 550
TOTAL WEIGHT (g) 600 450 700 600 900 700 1050 800

The expected total weight can vary because of the different materials used.
In case of a custom order, the difference can be +- 5-8%.